The Information industry relies heavily on the Communication Technology sector and to strengthen Hux’s position in this market, Hux partnered with South Africa’s leading and most successful communications vendor namely; Internet Solutions. This has enabled us to achieve market dominance in the provision of Corporate and Broadband Internet services, and is uniquely positioned to provide holistic solutions covering a wide range of services and technologies via HuxNet Internet Services.

HuxNet is the Internet and communications division of the Hux Technologies Business Group. The network at HuxNet is a super fast data network that connects Hux and our infrastructure clients to the Internet and the rest of the world. HuxNet ensures to remain at the forefront of Internet technologies, development and innovation. HuxNet provides fast, reliable and cost efficient Internet, Wireless Internet and Wide Area Network infrastructure solutions to clients in all industries.

The core competencies of this division blanket Corporate Diginet Access Internet services, Dialup solutions like ISDN & ADSL and Wireless Broadband Internet. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been at the forefront of the ISP-team’s research and development and they now boasts with dynamic VoIP Telephony systems that are guaranteed to save on overhead costs.

History of Hux Technologies:

Hux Technologies was established in 1998 in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga South Africa and has since expanded into a group of companies with diverse technology interests. The Hux Technologies Business Group Head Office is uniquely situated in the heart of the Lowveld, Riverside Nelspruit. Since its inception Hux Technologies has formed specialised partnerships, companies and business units that cater for a wide range of ICT products, services and solutions.

The Hux Technologies Business Group is Mpumalanga's leading integrator of sophisticated, innovative and leading edge business solutions that are based on Information, Communication and Office Automation Technologies. The Business Group has a proven track record in designing, implementing and maintaining business network solutions for both public and private sector with an exclusive focus on leading branded products and services for the premier consumer and commercial markets.

“We have a strong drive and commitment to comply with the ICT Charter requirements and in many instances we have achieved beyond it – not because we are obliged to do so, but because we genuinely believe driving sustainable transformation across our organisation, our industry and our province, is the right thing to do” Group Financial Director, Ferdi van der Merwe

Clients line the foundation of the Group’s thinking process and it is strongly believed that intelligent solutions are no longer a commodity, but a necessity. The Group’s uniquely formulated “Business Unit Models” represents the way in which the integration of diverse technologies is presented to the client. It is always ensured that the needs of the client dictate the solution and close client relationships through focused divisions facilitate different markets from the individual consumer to Government and Large Corporations. The goal of the Group is to ensure the challenges and influence that ICT has on the client’s goal is dealt with seamlessly and compliments, rather than challenge the client reaching his business goals.

Business Solutions are designed, developed and implemented by drawing on expertise from the Group’s internal Infrastructure, related technology companies and Business units. The Group’s core competencies blanket both hardware and data solutions to provide for the ever-increasing demand for superior quality products and overall solutions. The Group operates from a simple, but effective Business Model that caters for diverse technologies and markets:

The group realized at an early stage that understanding the market would play a fundamental role in delivering successful ICT Solutions. Even though clients can be categorized according to their vertical market, no two clients are the same. Clients belonging to similar vertical markets may differ in size and function and therefore have different needs that require a different approach and solution. In order to cater for this, the Group established market focused business units that drive the competencies within Group. These Business units each cater for their specific market and are backed up by technology experts within each specialised division.


The group’s growth has been driven by our customer’s need to operate efficiently in an environment where intelligent solutions are no longer a commodity, but a necessity.

The organization increased turnover by 254% from 2002 to 2003, by 128% from 2003 to 2004 and by 135% from 2004 to 2005. This is a major achievement when taken into consideration that the Rand has strengthened significantly against the dollar in the same period. The result thereof is an average increase in unit sales of +/- 168% year on year and a significant increase in employment growth.

The Group’s growth has also largely been effected by its expansion into specialised markets. Hux Financial Services, HuxNet Internet Services, NIS Network Infrastructure Solutions, Hux Corporate Services, Hux Business Development Unit and Hux PBX Division brought a world of expertise, employment opportunities and growth to the Group.

Executive Summary

The Hux Technologies Business Group is a role model example of a successful entrepreneurial concern that has grown into a large sustainable business entity with an obligation to all its stakeholders of which most importantly is its employees and customers.

The Organization has achieved its goals through sheer dedication, commitment & hard work by both its management and employees in an environment that has proven difficult for most of its competitors.

As an Information and Communication Technology company it has grown into arguably the largest concern of its type in Mpumalanga with sustainable structures and systems in place to ensure even further growth.


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